The Waterfowl

I’m making it bird week! It’s almost spring and today I basked in the resplendent honks of Canada geese as well as some cheery birds in the morning, and the cackle of crows in the afternoon. It has been a very bird-y day and I’m excited! I love all birds; they lift my spirits and put […]

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Aldo Leopold: Father of Ecology

There are surprisingly few people who are considered iconic in the world of conservation and ecology. Conservation of nature and biodiversity is a fairly new concept, considering humans have been using the resources on this planet for thousands of years. The other day in my ecology class, I learned about a guy named Aldo Leopold. I […]

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Let’s talk about moose

Elegant and powerful, the Swedish moose is a very picture of a nation’s heritage. At the moment, the fate of the species rests on its ability to adapt to environments other than the frigid Swedish clime. That’s right– in the southern part of the country, it’s actually too warm for the moose, and combined with […]

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Interrupting the Fireflies

I watched this TED talk on fireflies the other day. And it really got me thinking about these small, bright creatures. They are absolutely extraordinary to see in the summer when you’re looking at a dark field covered in millions of the little glimmering beetles. I started wondering: What is their purpose? They don’t exist just […]

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The future of farming?

Conservation agriculture: a term often thrown around, but seldom put into practice. What does it all mean? Simply put, conservation agriculture is a set of soil management practices that “minimize disruption to the soil’s structure, composition, and natural biodiversity”, according to the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This essentially is what people […]

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