Bird Lady Bio

I am a high school senior in the second semester of my last year of high school… yuck. I’m pretty bored with not being able to start my career, so I’m going to at least write about it. I’m taking a class in biology and ecology, so I’m soaking up quite a bit of information that’s pretty exciting. I’ve been accepted to the best school ever, SUNY ESF, and I figured I’d start (finally!) to really get into the topics that I plan on studying for pretty much the rest of my life.

I’m really passionate about the environmental issues and loss of biodiversity that’s going on in the world and my goal is to teach myself more about these problems and possible solutions while also sharing it with you guys.

My good friend, Lauren, is also really passionate about environmental problems and will be occasionally writing for the blog, so make sure you watch for some of her insight!

We try to write at least one blog post a day, so keep checking back to read about some important environmental stuff!

Thank you for reading our blog!



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