Growing Leather?

Check out this TED Talk! This topic is definitely going to be split up between multiple blog posts throughout the next few days. There’s just so¬†much to talk about, and I’ve really got to get my hands on all the research. I mean… growing meat? Can you imagine how much cleaner our¬†environment would be if […]

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Deforestation in Madagascar

Deforestation: harvesting trees, either by clear cutting or selective cutting, for human use. We’ve all been given the speech in that natural sciences museum. You know, the one about “492,014,299,822 trees are being cut down every 1/3 of a second!” speech. Though that number is definitely an exaggeration, the problem itself is not a joke. […]

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Welcome to my blog!

Wow. I never thought I’d have an actual blog. I read other people’s blogs all the time and think, “that looks like too much work. I’ll leave it to other people to bring news.” Well… not enough people are bringing the news. I am actually extremely excited right now to create a blog that brings […]

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